If you’re changing your own filters,
chances are, you’re paying too


Commercial AC Filters

Q.  What is the average time between filter change services?

A. The average service time for our commercial customers is 4 weeks, but the schedule for your business can be scheduled any way you choose.

Q. How are you able to price the filters so reasonably?

A. We buy direct from the factory – there is no middle man.  We also custom cut the filters to your specific size which saves you the cost of having them cut at the factory.

School AC Filter system

Q. Is there a set-up fee for your services?

A. No, there is no set-up charge.  We supply the frames at no cost to you.  You never incur a frame charge, but the frames will remain A1 Filters’ property.

Q. Do you ever re-use the filters you change?

A. No, we install new filters at each service.

Q. Why are metal frames so important?

A.  We use metal frames to prevent them from collapsing.  The moisture/humidity in our SETX air often compromises the integrity of cardboard frames allowing unfiltered air to flow around them. 

filter medium

Cut down expensive utility costs with more efficient filters that protect your central air units. Reduce strain on your systems and rest easy knowing that your ventilation systems are not only circulating air more efficiently, they are filtering out 86% our airborne pollution with our high-quality filters.

We handle the rest! We work with you to create a managed, recurring schedule so you never have to worry if your filters are being replaced.

It could not be easier to get us started saving you money. Call us for a free no-obligation inspection of your specific needs. You won’t get annoying high pressure sales tactics from Save On Filters. We are confident you will join our growing list of satisfied customers when you see how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of our top-notch service.

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